These steels contain more than 16% Cr, 4-6% Ni  and 1,5-3% Mo. Their dual austenitic and ferritic grain structure ( hence the term duplex) means that they have the good mechanical properties of austenitic stainless steels but with a superior resistance to stress corrosion and pitting.

Valbruna Grade W.N. AISI UNS EN
MV274MDE 1.4460 329 S32900 X3CRNIMON27-5-2
V2101MN (LDX2101®) 1.4162 F69 S32101 -
V225MN 1.4462 F51 / F60 S31803 / S32205 X2CRNIMON22-5-3
V234N 1.4362 F68 S32304 X2CRNIN23-4
V257MNC 1.4582 - - X4CrNiMoNb25-7