Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves are devices that regulate fluid or air flow. Due to their durability and reliability, these devices are ideal for various industrial applications. They are used in the control of water, air, inert gases, steam, and of fluids in general that have different levels of aggressiveness.

They are employed in various sectors, for both domestic and industrial use and are used for household appliances and coffee machines, drinks machines, industrial washing machines, autoclaves/sterilizers, irrigation systems and fire suppression, dental equipment, steam boilers and industrial applications.

A solenoid valve is composed of two main parts:

  • an electromagnetic head (solenoid) and its moveable core (piston).
  • a valve containing a hole where a disk or shutter is positioned to allow or stop the passage of the fluid.

The opening and closing of the valve takes place depending on the position of the movable core, which moves due to the magnetic field generated by the coil when subjected to a current (electrical part of the solenoid).

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