The Company and the Group: collaborating towards the future

Acciaierie Valbruna S.p.A. is the parent company of numerous Italian and foreign companies operating in the stainless steel production and commerce sector, the production of plants and machinery, elbows and fittings, and in the financial sector.

In 2014 the Group continued to implement its policy of strategic investments aimed at a continual increase in efficiency in the use of resources and the qualitative improvement not only of products but also of organizational processes.

The technologically complex stainless steel and nickel alloy market requires products that are engineered and produced with high quality performance attributes. To this end, Valbruna is constantly involved in multiple R&D projects, aimed at broadening our knowledge and product offering.

Valbruna Group has several warehouses in Italy and a widespread commercial network that serves all of the main industrial centers. The Group’s products are distributed abroad by companies located in all of the main global economic areas.