Hydrogen is one of the next key players for the future of energy and power generation, being a precious source to lower carbon footprint and to fight climate change.

Hydrogen is a small atom, available in nature almost exclusively in the form of compound, as in water and in other hydrocarbons. The most common way to obtain hydrogen is the electrolysis, consisting in extracting it from water. This process should be preferably performed using clean energy to generate “green hydrogen”.

After the production phase, hydrogen can be stored and transported, to be used as a source to generate power, or as a fuel for H2 powered vehicles, with fuel cell technology or direct combustion engines. Beside mobility, hydrogen can be employed for industrial applications or as a substitute for oil&gas to heat buildings.

Stainless steel products are used in several ways and different stages of the processes – production, storage and transportation, charging infrastructure and automotive.

Typical applications do include: valves, fittings, connectors, injector systems, storage tanks components (caps), truck filling station components and vehicle tank system. HYVAL represents Valbruna stainless grades for hydrogen applications.

The following HYVAL grades are the most commonly required within the framework of hydrogen economy.

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Uses of steel in this field