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MAXIVAL EVO®, the latest innovation introduced by Valbruna, is a stainless steel product line of premium quality and improved machinability, obtained thanks to a metallurgical and technological EVOlution.
It has been optimized to achieve:

  • Improved chip breakability
  • Improved feed and speed
  • Higher productivity
  • Longer tool life
  • Lower scrap ratio
  • Better surface finishing
  • Reduced machine downtime
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Valbruna, founded in 1925, is a leading company in the production of stainless steel and nickel alloys long products

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  • With a balanced chemical composition and a tailored steel melting practice MAXIVAL EVO® has been proven to match the most restrictive customers’ expectations. Just as the previous generation, these grades are made by a special steel making process which is guaranteed to improve machinability.

• 1.4031 steel | Stainless steels and alloys -

• 1.4031 steel | Stainless steels and alloys -


  • MAXIVAL EVO® has been optimized to increase the productivity and lower the cost per component thanks to a lower tool wear and a higher chip-breaking.


  • The best results in terms of machinability, in order to design a product that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers, are then achieved when metallurgical characteristics are strictly combined with technological properties of the stainless steel bars, such as: tight dimensional tolerances, better surface finishing, superior straightness, end facing and chamfered ends.

• 1.4031 steel | Stainless steels and alloys -

• 1.4031 steel | Stainless steels and alloys -


  • MAXIVAL EVO® is available in the following stainless steel grades:
    AISI 303 – W.N. 1.4305 (Valbruna Grade MV188HSE),
    AISI 304/304L – W.N. 1.4301/1.4307 (Valbruna Grade MVAISLE),
    AISI 316/ 316L – W.N. 1.4401/1.4404 (Valbruna Grade MVAPMLE),
    AISI F51/F60 – W.N. 1.4462 (Valbruna Grade AV225EVO).


  • Valbruna has developed a new generation of improved machinability stainless steels that also includes duplex steel. AV225EVO (F51 – 1.4462) has been developed starting from the MAXIVAL EVO® steel making practice where the aim is a tailored and precise control of non-metallic inclusions with a particular morphology and lubricating properties which are able to improve machinability.

• 1.4031 steel | Stainless steels and alloys -


Valbruna Group, founded in 1925, is one of the most important producers of steels, alloys and titanium long products. We work together with various industrial sectors. For example, we have options for chemical and petrochemical markets, food, scientific and pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, naval etc. We have experience in stainless steels and alloys, obtainable in numerous types, like as ingots, round, hexagonal and angle bars, wire rod. Our business is developed in four production plants, two in Italy, one in USA and one in Canada.

Hundreds of years of experience with steel, nickel alloys and titanium

We pay very close attention to the respect of the standard of the products delivered to consumers. In establishments there is a main chemical lab for raw product control and product accreditation. There is a 2nd laboratory for the control of the steel making process. All our products are certified and totally certified to the European requirement for steels and they fulfill the most strict international requirements. This demonstrates their excellence.

A wide variety of items to meet the requirements of the primary industrial sectors

Valbruna Group takes care of the building and construction of new and ingenious structures. We also bring out the upkeep and safety of existent buildings. In the case of road infrastructure, bridges and new buildings, we utilize Reval® stainless-steel reinforcement bars, also in combination with carbon steel. Reval® steels are thought about paramagnetic, since their low magnetic permeability: they have the capability to prevent disturbance with electromagnetic fields and they are for that reason perfect for specific constructions, such as healthcare facilities.

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The steels comparator allows to select and compare up to 3 steels through search filters such as Designations, Steel types, Applications, Mechanical properties, Physical properties and Chemical analysis.


2500 employees
4 Production plants
42 Subsidiaries
700 steel grades

Are you looking for: 1.4031 steel?

This new generation of stainless steel allows you to increase productivity and reduce the unit cost per component for parts manufacturer.