Armature & Plungers

The moveable core and cylinder has high magnetic permeability which is produced by the electromagnetic force created by the coil.  The fixed core is the element located at the end of the tube to improve the magnetic field when the coil is subjected to a current. Both are made of stainless steel.

MAGIVAL® is the registered trademark that identifies a group of free machining, ferritic stainless steels designed for magnetic applications requiring high magnetic permeability and low coercitivity.

A special chemical analysis and special metallurgical process has been developed to provide a ferritic structure which very sensitive to a magnetic field after a specific thermal process has been applied to the bar stock. This thermal process when applied to the bars allows the avoidance of an expensive heat treatment of components after machining.

The choice of the most suitable grades depends on the magnetic properties of the device and the applicable environment. Therefore, it is necessary to find a right balance between:

  • Magnetic properties
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Machinability
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Valbruna Grade Steel type UNS AISI W.N.
MG1 Ferritic Soft Magnetic Steel ASTM A838 ALLOY 1 430F 1.4105
MG2 Ferritic Soft Magnetic Steel ASTM A838 ALLOY 2 430FR -
MG3 Ferritic Soft Magnetic Steel - XM-34 1.4114
MG3/1 Ferritic Soft Magnetic Steel - - 1.4114
MG4 Ferritic Soft Magnetic Steel ASTM A838 ALLOY 2 + Mo - 1.4106