When Business equals Family

The industrial enterprise of the Valbruna Group was created by the merger of two entrepreneurs: one Venetian, represented by Ernesto Gresele, the original founder of the company, and the other Apulian, represented by Nicola Amenduni, husband of Ernesto Gresele’s daughter Maria, who joined the business in the late ‘50s.

In the Valbruna Group, the concepts of family and business are tightly interconnected and interdependent, not only because management positions are occupied by members of the Gresele-Amenduni family, but also because business and family are allied in promoting the life of the company, with an awareness of individual roles and a philosophy of research, of innovation and of technical progress.

Nicola Amenduni


Michele Amenduni Gresele


Ernesto Amenduni Gresele

Managing Director

Massimo Amenduni Gresele

Managing Director

Maurizio Amenduni Gresele

Managing Director

Antonella Amenduni Gresele

Managing Director

Benedetto Ceglie

Managing Director