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BIOVAL® Ti-Grade 2- Titanio Commercialmente puro

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Valbruna Grade

BIOVAL® Ti-Grade 2

Steel type

Commercial pure Titanium alloy

Description of material

This grade is most commonly used in industrial service where it can offer a right combination of both high corrosion and erosion resistance together with a good weldability and cold formability. After cold processing an annealing could be applied to restore the initial properties.


Chemical, mechanical and physical properties of Titanium allow a wide range of special long lifetime applications. Titanium and its alloys are widely used in chemical, electrochemical and oil & gas industries. Moreover, they are used in oil refinery and natural gas production plants due to good general and stress corrosion resistance, as well as in sea water and chloride environments and several acids. High mechanical properties, outstanding biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and low density, make Titanium and its alloys successful in biomedical applications such as dental, cardiovascular, orthopedic, traumatological and surgical devices. In addition, Titanium and its alloys offer elevated characteristics of biocompatibility warranting a very high resistance to the corrosive attacks of body fluids, due to the formation of an adherent and stable film oxide. Thanks to their optimal adherence to bone and living tissue, Titanium and its alloys warrant a higher lifetime to osteosynthesis devices. Due to the superior properties of these alloys associated with a their low weight and high corrosion resistance, several components are widely used in aerospace devices such as jet-engine parts, airframes, landing gear, in automotive applications, sporting goods such as golf clubs, spectacles and watches.

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