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 Valbruna Stainless Steel
Valbruna Stainless Steel, leader in the steel industry and both supplier and producer of stainless steel and special metal alloys is a privately owned company with over 1500 employees and a production of more than 170.000 tons of special high quality steels.
Founded in 1925, Valbruna Stainless Steel maintains its original business strategy of serving niche markets with high quality products and dedicated service to its clients.

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CONTAMINATED IMPORTS: DER SPIEGEL article of 16th February 09, see pdf >> DER SPIEGEL (pdf)
Statement about the raw material and finished products radioactivity control, see pdf >> Radioactivity control (pdf)
The new production of Threaded Rods, see pdf >> Threaded rods (pdf)

Stainless steel production includes the following products:
Special steels - Stainless steel - Metal alloys - Nickel alloys - Billets - Titanium bars - Hot rolled bars - Forged bars - Coils - Steel wire - Round bars - Angle bars- Flat bars - Hexagon bars - Maxival ® - Magival ® - Reval ® - Marinox ®

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