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We master the fire in the era of steel

“Since the discovery of fire, man has radically changed his life;
He discovers metals, learns how to melt them, and begins to progress.
The innate talent of human beings continues to realize the great works of our days.
All this thanks to the discovery of… Stainless Steel!”

Move across Valbruna's 90 years history

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Ernesto Gresele founded the “Ferriera Valbruna”, a small company specializing in forged equipment for use in agriculture.


The steelworks and rolling mill came into operation alongside the activity of the ironworks.


The Steelworks are completely destroyed during an air raid. Reconstruction work starts immediately.


Ferriera Valbruna changes its name to “Acciaieria Valbruna Ernesto Gresele – AVEG”.


Nicola Amenduni joins the company and focuses production on stainless steel, subsequently abandoning the production of low-alloy steels.


The foundry is moved to Piove di Sacco (PD) to make space in the Vicenza facility for the growing demands of the steelworks and the rolling mill.


The whole company is gradually moved to the new location in the industrial zone of Vicenza.

The melting capacity is increased with the installation of two furnaces and two AOD converters of 10 and 50 tons.


Installation of a 4-strand continuous casting machine, the first in Italy for stainless steel.

In addition, a new 1000 ton automatic forging press is installed.


Important investments every year, including:
- Continuous heat treatment lines for coils and bars
- Pickling tunnel for coils and bars


Start up of the continuous rolling mill for coils and bars in combination with a new continuous furnace for the heat treatment of coils.


Pickling capacity doubles
for both coils and bars.


Revamping of the melt shop.


Purchase of the Bolzano plant from the Falck Group and
re-engineering of the same.


Start-up of the innovative Electro Slag Remelting (ESR) plant.


New continuous furnace for heat treatment of bars in Vicenza.


The production capacity in the cold drawn wire heat treatment department doubles thanks to the installation of a new line. In the same year: new pickling line for coils in Bolzano.


Installation of a wire rod Stelmor process in the hot rolling mill.


- New continuous casting machine
- Revamping of the ESR plant
- New continuous furnace for the treatment of coils in Bolzano.


New pickling line in Vicenza.


- Purchase of Slater Steels in Fort Wayne, IN – USA, renamed Valbruna Slater Stainless Inc.
- Installation of two lines for the production of threaded rods in Bolzano.
- New wire rod peeling & polishing machine.


- Start-up of new ESR plant (the second in Vicenza)

- New bar-drawing machine for 20-32mm steel bars.


- Start-up of the new automated warehouse
- New ingot casting line in Vicenza
- Renovation of the Fort Wayne ESR plant (the third)


- New peeling line for 100-300mm steel bars.
- Installation of abrasive cut-off wheels for steel bars.


New vacuum arc remelting furnace (VAR)


- New 3000 tons automated forging press

- New 70 tons AOD converter.


- Revamping of the ingot casting and teeming lines.
- New degreasing line for cold drawn bars and automatic straightener for propeller shafts.


New hot rolling cooling bed.


New peeling line for 16-18mm steel bars.


New centerless grinding center


Installation of online abrasive cut-off wheels with forge and 500mm bar peeling machine.

A company rooted history,
constantly progressing toward the future.

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